The Online Courses

Aldo has drawn on 55 years of amateur and professional birding experience to design the courses. In a relaxed, supportive, informative and challenging manner, he  will coach you through each session. His inherent love and deep knowledge of the natural world, especially our feathered friends, shines through at every point. Sharron co-hosts the Zoom presentations.

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On-line course and weekend event

Understanding and interpreting Rock Art

Your first encounter with the rock art of the San/Bushmen in its natural setting inevitably triggers questions. Who, what, why and when?


Jeremy Hollmann provides insights and answers about this complex, fascinating and engaging world in this exploration of rock art.  Jeremy draws on his 20 years of full-time fieldwork and research to share his insights into the rock paintings of the Drakensberg hunter-gatherer people in an Online course and a Weekend with Jeremy field event.  You will find this informative yet introspective, possibly bringing reflections on what it means to be alive. 


You can choose to do either the Online course of 3 sessions or Weekend with Jeremy, or even better, both at a discounted price. 

The Weekend with Jeremy will take your understanding to a deeper level with a hands-on adventure to see some of the finest rock art in the Drakensberg with Jeremy as your guide. Enjoy his laid-back company, as he gives you a bucket-list immersion into the art and lives of the Bushmen painters through evening presentations and daytime excursions to the magnificent panel of paintings at the the world-famous Game Pass Shelter. We will be based at the highly-rated Antbear Lodge with its with its remarkable construction, home-grown cuisine, and ethos of inclusion in the Drakensberg environment.

Three options:  

        1. Online Rock Art Course with Jeremy

 Or  2. Online Course AND Weekend with Jeremy 

 Or  3. Weekend with Jeremy


The adventure begins 
Online Rock Art Course with Jeremy
Online Rock Art course    
Weekend with Jeremy
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A bucket-list experience 

Weekend with Jeremy
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A hands-on iconic experience

Rock Art with Jeremy

Jeremy Hollmann is a rock art expert, researcher, enthusiast and author with decades of hands-on experience. His passion for rock art and ability to interpret  to a broad audience makes him an ideal guide and coach. 

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