Online course - Rock Art with Jeremy

Explore and understand the world of rock art

Join this online course of three sessions to help you understand  Bushman rock art in the iconic Drakensberg landscape. Jeremy draws on his 20 years of full-time fieldwork and research to share his insights into the rock paintings of  the Drakensberg hunter-gatherer people.


The course comprises three sessions, with morning (11am) and evening  (7pm) sessions for your convenience; you can swap between sessions. The course is interactive with the use of polls, chat room and live discussion periods. Send your queries to us before, during and after the sessions. We will send you pdfs of each session. If you miss a session, you can view a recording 

Course Price

R550 (for all 3 sessions) for a single person, R700 for 2 people or more. For pensioners the cost is R400 and R500 respectively.

To Book: 

Please use the high-lighted date on the calendar on the right to book into Session 1!

Session Content:

Session 1. Home on the Range

The Maloti-Drakensberg range has been home, periodically,  to people over the past 200 000 years. In the past 10 000 years, these mountains were the home range of hunter-gatherers, the ancestors of the people we call the San, or Bushmen. Around 2000 years ago Khoi herders and Bantu-speaking farmers arrived in southern Africa and entered the mountainous landscape. Finally, about 200 years ago European settlers arrived. With their arrival the independent lifestyle of the San/Bushmen came to an end. In this session we take a bird’s eye view of the Maloti Drakensberg and pay a virtual visit to its regions.

Session 2.  “A truly artistic conception…”

The rock art of the Maloti Drakensberg is acknowledged to be amongst the world’s finest. The art was described in 1870s as “a truly artistic conception of the ideas which most deeply moved the Bushman mind, and filled it with religious feelings”. In this session we explore the symbolism of San/Bushman rock art and investigate their meanings, based on our knowledge of San/Bushman beliefs. We explain what and how we know about the meaning of the art, the possible ingredients of the paints and the age of the rock art.

Session 3.  Painted landscapes

The southern African landscape is covered with rock art sites. The Maloti Drakensberg has dense clusters of rock art sites and a core reason for the declaration of the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park as a World Heritage Site. These sites range from very small overhangs with a few paintings to large outcrops decorated with over 1000 images. In this session we explore some of these places. We will see the great variety in images, variations in painting techniques and preservation over time and space. We will look at threats that face the future of this fragile heritage. We present a bucket-list of rock art sites that people can visit.

Course Calendar

Session 1: Monday, 1 November at 11.00 and 19:00
Session 2: Wednesday, 3 November at 11.00 and 19:00
Session 3: Thursday, 4 November at 11.00 and 19:00

To Book: 

Please use the high-lighted date on the calendar on the right to book into Session 1!