Rock Art Course & Weekend with Jeremy

Explore and understand the world of rock art

The complete package! The online course provides you with a deeper understanding and knowledge of the rock art. With this fascinating background in place, your personal experience of magnificent rock art means so much more  as Jeremy guides you on-site in the the stunning surroundings of the Drakensberg.

The Weekend with Jeremy event highlight is the visit to the world-famous Game Pass Shelter, the so-called Rosetta Stone of rock art, where you will see the magnificent panel of rock art in context. You will be primed by Jeremy's evening presentations and a second site visit. You will have ample opportunity to interact with Jeremy to pursue the mysteries of rock art. We encourage you to do the online course which will significantly add depth to the rewards of the weekend. The event is based at the remarkable, highly-rated Antbear Lodge. Read more on the lodge under About Antbear Lodge below. 

The hike to Game Pass Shelter is 7km in total and requires a moderate  level of fitness, and as always in the Drakensberg,  suitable footwear and clothing. You will travel to the sites in your own transport.  

Weekend & Course Course Price

R4280 pp for online course & weekend (Garden View accommodation) 

R5080 pp for online course & weekend (Mountain View accommodation).

Price incudes all meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch.


To book both course (begins 1 Nov) AND weekend (begins 19 Nov), click the high-lighted date (31 Oct) on the calendar. Choose 11:00 or 19:00 for your preferred course time. You will be automatically booked into Antbear Lodge from Friday 19 Nov AND the course beginning on 1 Nov. 

Online course content

Session 1. Home on the Range

The Maloti-Drakensberg range has been home, periodically, to people over the past 200 000 years. In the past 10 000 years, these mountains were the home range of hunter-gatherers, the ancestors of the people we call the San, or Bushmen. Around 2000 years ago Khoi herders and Bantu-speaking farmers arrived in southern Africa and entered the mountainous landscape. Finally, about 200 years ago European settlers arrived. With their arrival the independent lifestyle of the San/Bushmen came to an end. In this session we take a bird’s eye view of the Maloti Drakensberg and pay a virtual visit to its regions.


Session 2. “A truly artistic conception…”

The rock art of the Maloti Drakensberg is acknowledged to be amongst the world’s finest. The art was described in 1870s as “a truly artistic conception of the ideas which most deeply moved the Bushman mind, and filled it with religious feelings”. In this session we explore the symbolism of San/Bushman rock art and investigate their meanings, based on our knowledge of San/Bushman beliefs. We explain what and how we know about the meaning of the art, the possible ingredients of the paints and the age of the rock art.


Session 3. Painted landscapes

The southern African landscape is covered with rock art sites. The Maloti Drakensberg has dense clusters of rock art sites and a core reason for the declaration of the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park as a World Heritage Site. These sites range from very small overhangs with a few paintings to large outcrops decorated with over 1000 images. In this session we explore some of these places. We will see the great variety in images, variations in painting techniques and preservation over time and space. We will look at threats that face the future of this fragile heritage. We present a bucket-list of rock art sites that people can visit.

Online Course Calendar

Session 1: Monday, 1 November at 11.00 and 19:00

Session 2: Wednesday, 3 November at 11.00 and 19:00

Session 3: Thursday, 4 November at 11.00 and 19:00

Weekend with Jeremy calendar

Friday 19 November: Afternoon - assemble at Antbear Lodge. 

       Evening presentation by Jeremy.

Saturday 20 November: Travel to Game Pass Shelter and visit.

       Picnic lunch at Kamberg. Evening presentation by Jeremy.

Sunday 21 November. Visit another site

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About Antbear Lodge

Antbear Lodge is memorable; experience  it’s welcoming staff, unique woodwork, home-grown organic foods and array of accommodation options (including a luxury cave), all embedded in the Drakensberg mountain landscape. It is an unusual destination integrated into the Drakensberg ambience, and your stay complements the experience of the Weekend with Jeremy rock art event. Antbear Lodge has won several awards for tourism excellence, whilst positively impacting the surrounding environment and communities. The vision of Antbear Lodge is responsible tourism; incorporating fair wages and working conditions, fair distribution of benefits, ethical business practice, and respect for human rights, culture and the environment. Check the link below for more info.