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Birding with Aldo

Why do online birding? 

Birds are everywhere and birding is for everyone. In the comfort of your home, I show you how to be a birder. Learn about binoculars, field guides, apps and techniques. Start with my Begin Birding course, then select from 6 more courses to extend your enjoyment and skills. 

My courses are small, interactive, people-centred and relaxed and provides permanent reference material. 

The Online Courses
Birding with Aldo

I have been birding with passion for 55 years all over South Africa. I love sharing my knowledge of birding with others. 


I have customised courses for branches of BirdLife South Africa branches and other groupings, Please contact me to arrange such events. 

Contact me for birding tours!

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   Birding with Aldo
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Kruger with Aldo: 6,8 &10 December 2021 as well as 28 Feb, 2 & 4 March 2022

Sani, grasslands & forests: 13 & 15 December 2021

Begin Birding with Aldo:17, 19 & 21 January 2022

Raptors with Aldo: 24,26,& 28 January 2022

Intermediate Birding: 7, 9, 11 February 2022

Bring Birds to your Garden: 14,16 &18 February 2022


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About us 

Aldo & Sharron Berruti


Our lives have been enriched by birds. Through our courses, we aim to share this, and make birding and birds a source of positivity. Our courses are an integration of our life experiences. 

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