Raptors with Aldo

A guide to 60 South African raptors

Raptors are difficult. A typical birding course is a series of species images and id characters that can overload the senses and drain the joy out of birding!

Our course emphasizes process against detail; principles versus individual species.

We use our successful 2 step identification protocols, which combined with comparative work, games and self identification exercises  (repetitive to embed memory) turns a daunting task, turns into an enjoyable session of learning.

Course Price

R350 for all 3 sessions for one person, R500 for 2 people or more. For pensioners the cost is R250 for one person and R350 for 2 or more. 


Course outline

 Three 75-90 minute sessions as shown below:


Session 1. Principles of raptor id – falcons & kestrels
Session 2. Vultures and eagles
Session 3. Buzzards, Goshawks, Harriers and other fantastic raptors


We will send you the course material as pdfs at the end of the  course to allow review of material. If you miss a session, you can view a recording.

I offer an interactive and relaxed experience in small groups which supports learning.

Course Calendar

Session 1: Monday, 24 January 2022 at 19:00
Session 2: Wednesday,  26 January at 19:00
Session 3: Friday, 28 January at 19:00


Please use the highlighted date on the calendar on the right to book into Session 1!