Intermediate Birding

Take your birding further and deeper!

This unique person-friendly approach tackles  obstacles facing most people in becoming a better birder. From preparing for an outing to finding and identifying birds, learn processes which allow you greater freedom and skill to recognise and retain new bird groups and species. We tackle the identification of  difficult bird groups and species pairs.  

This course reviews birding resources and equipment (field guides, apps, binoculars, apps, speakers, scopes). Learn new ways to go birding - the use of photography, atlassing, listing, garden birding, local bird guides, birding communities. We delve further into bird vocals. The practical options shown  will  bring your more rewards and fire your passion for birding. 

Course price: The cost for all 3 sessions is R350 for one person, and R500 for 2 or more. For pensioners the cost is R250 for one person and R350 for 2 or more. 

The course comprises three 75-90 minute sessions as shown below:

•Session 1. Overview, finding birds, equipment and difficult birds 
•Session 2. Birding protocols, bird guides, vocals and difficult birds.
•Session 3. Mindset and assumptions, birding communities and difficult birds.​

Course calendar


Session 1: Monday, 7 February 2022 at 19:00

Session 2: Wednesday, 9 February at 19:00

Session 3: Friday, 11 February at 19:00

Session 1: Monday, 25 April 2022 at 19:00

Session 2: Wednesday, 27 April at 19:00

Session 3: Friday, 29 April at 19:00

We would love for you to be joined by your friends and family, so join us!

Please use the high-lighted date on the calendar on the right to book into Session 1 of the course of your choice!

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