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Kruger with Aldo

A toolkit for your Kruger birding experience!

A habitat-based approach to introduce a birding toolkit aimed at fast-tracking your ability to identify 110 of Kruger’s most common birds or any bushveld area. Using the identification strategies and protocols used in Begin Birding with Aldo; these three 75-min sessions are suitable for beginner and intermediate birders. It is based on typical birding trips in Kruger. This course will improve your birding ability and  familiarity with birding reference material. Our Zoom sessions are restricted in number and interactive.


Course Price

R375 (for all 3 sessions) for one person, R525 for 2 people or more. For pensioners the cost is R275 for one person and R375 for 2 or more. 

Course outline


Three 75-90 minute sessions as shown below:


Session 1. Birds of woodlands and savannas
Session 2. Birds of the camps and bird hides
Session 3. Birds of thickets and riverine


We will send you the course material as pdfs at the end of the course to allow you to review material. If you miss a session, you will be able to view a recording for 6 days after each session.

I offer an interactive and relaxed experience in small groups which supports learning.

Course Calendar: 2024 dates to follow.

Session 1: Monday

Session 2: Wednesday

Session 3: Thursday

To book, click the high-lighted date on the calendar opposite, and you will receive a confirmation email with payment details.

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