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Pub Quiz

Have some fun with birds!

The Pub Quiz is back for some festive season fun. 


Join our festive audience with your bird book/app and a beverage of your choice!


We will have two sessions of 1h30 mins each with 30 questions at 19:00 (7pm). 


New visuals & material!!! You will have time to answer polls on bird visual and vocal identifications and other questions.


This is an excellent follow-up to previous courses, building on our ‘Begin Birding’, ‘Kruger’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Raptors’, using our familiar protocols. 


Both sessions will cost just R80 for one or more persons. Invite friends to take part!

Course Price

R80 per (for the two sessions).

Each quiz will be 75 minutes per session.


Session Calendar


Session 1: Thursday, 2 December at 19:00

Session 2: Thursday, 9 December at 1:900

Please use the highlighted date on the calendar on the right to book into Session 1!

We would love for you to be joined by your friends and family, so please  share this free session with those you’d like to go birding with. 

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