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Bring Birds into Your Garden

Make your garden come alive with birds!

Bring birds to your home, and add value to your every day. Bring birds to Your Garden shows you simple practical ways to fill your garden with birds and bird-song, including practical ways to provide food, water, and to create a bird-friendly garden in the long term. 

Learn how to avoid pitfalls and problems. We demonstrate and list plants which attract birds by offering insects, nectar, fruit, seed and nesting opportunities for all regions of South Africa. If you are a fan of rewilding, this course will assist you to understand birds’ needs and indigenous plants that meet these needs.


Course Price

R250 for all 3 sessions for one person, R350 for 2 or more. For pensioners the cost is R200 for one person, and R300 for 2 or more.


Course outline

Three 90 minute sessions as shown below:


Session 1. The basics and food

Session 2.  Water, challenges, nests and garden structure

Session 3.  Planting for birds and feedback


We send you the course material as pdfs at the end of the course to allow review of material. If you miss a session, you can view a recording, which will be available for 6 days after the session.

I offer an interactive and relaxed experience in small groups which supports learning.

Course Calendar Dates to follow!

Please use the calendar on the page to book into Session 1, which means you are booked into the entire course! You will receive a confirmation email with payment details.

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